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Last Updated: 06 August 2018

Apart from some obvious ways of reducing your car insurance premiums, such as insuring your car for Market Value instead of Trade Value – you could simply switch to one of the cheap car insurance companies in South Africa. Most car insurance companies will offer you an improved premium on the initial quoting phase and if you are lucky, they should only increase your premiums if you make a claim or once a year in-line with inflation.

If you have been unfortunate, and find that your premium has increased to an amount that you find unacceptable, then you might want to consider shopping around for cheap car insurance quotes from a few different insurers in South Africa. Obviously you are one of those pro active people who is making an effort to find cheaper alternatives – but for many, the process of having to find new quotes is unbearable.  And car insurance companies know this and too often people pay far higher premiums than they should be paying.

You’ll have noticed the cost of your car insurance increasing every year. In most cases the increase is far higher than an inflationary increase and in some cases it is as high as 20%. When questioned about this increase, the insurance companies representatives explained that it was due to a weakened Rand and the repair and/or replacement costs for accident damaged vehicle is therefore higher.

Thankfully we can provide at least a few of the cheap car insurance quotes to you by leaving your details in the form below.

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