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Only in the past few years has the AIG brand (that is synonymous with Manchester United football sponsorship) become so popular in South Africa. Its business was mainly focused on commercial/corporate clients and not individuals. That’s all changed however, and AIG Insurance South Africa provides sound car insurance products that are worth considering. In Novemeber 2018 Virgin Money Insurance has launched 3 new insurance products with AIG: Home Content Insurance, Funeral Cover and Vehicle Insurance – which are well rounded offerings for your South African budget.

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AIG Car Insurance

AIG Insurance South Africa is a car insurance company established by America International Group Inc. AIG has two impressive motor vehicle insurance products. The first is the AIG Insurance Car Cash Plan. This is designed for cheaper cars, and very suited for used cars. This is a no frills product where you pay for exactly what you need and nothing more. If your car is hi-jacked and can’t be recovered, the Car Cash Plan will pay money directly into your bank account to settle your loss. If the car was financed through a bank, the insurer will the money to the bank and whatever is left will be paid to you – it’s that simple. With the Car Cash Plan you can get up to 66% of savings on your monthly car insurance premiums!

Of course, not everyone wants a basic option, and AIG knows this. This is why they have bundled up a second insurance option. AIG’s comprehensive car insurance is one of the best offers in the industry – period! You can craft your policy to be exactly the way you want it to be, without taking away the really important, meaty detail of a sound car insurance policy. That is, you are guaranteed cover against floods, fire, and other natural disaster, hi-jacking, and third party liability.

Additional benefits to AIG’s products include free car hire when your car is damaged and in repairs, medical expenses will be paid by AIG relating to any accident you are involved in, and so much more. There is a flat excess fee of R2000 as well. This eliminates any of the surprises that you usually find with other car insurers.

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