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ABSA iDirect is one of the most familiar brands in South Africa, and since it’s parted ways with Barclays, it’s become stronger by recently appointing former South African Reserve Bank deputy governor Daniel Mminele as CEO.  This means that you are in good hands with ABSA! While ABSA the bank can be seen on many high street buildings, its car insurance business, ABSA iDirect, has been less familiar, but it’s one of the biggest car insurance companies in South Africa.

ABSA’s car insurance business is the underwriter to many independent insurance brokers, and its ABSA iDirect is one of the names that it goes by. An ABSA iDirect car insurance quote will determine your possible monthly premiums based on more or less the same industry criteria – where you stay, how log you’ve been driving, whether you’re have advanced driving training, the actual car you drive, and a whole lot of other things that influence car insurance quotes.

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What are ABSA Car Insurance Benefits?

However, the benefits of taking up motor vehicle insurance from ABSA is different from other mainstream insurers. Because ABSA is a big financial services institution, it is able to leverage its other product offerings and integrate them with their car insurance services. For example, if you have an account with ABSA bank, then your financial history is open for ABSA iDirect to ascertain how well you settle your bills. This might have an influence on your car insurance premiums, because the more financially sound you are, the more likely you will be able to make your premiums. This eliminates some risk, and helps you as an insurance buyer as well.

After 3 consecutive years of your car insurance and not claiming on your policy, ABSA iDirect will reward you with 10% of your premiums. This percentage will increase to 15% the following year, and 20% back after 5 claim free years. That’s a wonderful benefit for anyone considering this car insurance option.

Additionally, what your ABSA iDirect car insurance quote encompasses is access to 24/7 roadside assistance, home assistance in case your kitchen pipes burst, and medical emergencies. Optional car hire is available as part of your policy, and insurance for your sound system.

ABSA iDirect has three options. The first is comprehensive car insurance cover, where you will get insured against accidental damage to your vehicle, fire, theft/hijaking. This also includes third party liability cover, should you so happen to damage the property of someone (with the insured vehicle). Another options is Third party, Fire and Theft insurance, which covers the same things as the first option but does not cover accidental damage to your own car. The third and last insurance policy is a Third party only insurance policy, where you can only claim if you cause damage to someone else.

With all three of the above options, you can increase personal liability insurance from R2.5-million to up to R20-million.

ABSA iDirect leaves you with a peace of mind knowing that you are always insured for those unexpected days on the road, and that freak accident in the house.  This compares very favorably to competing car insurance providers.

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