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Most of us know OUTsurance from their TV ads, but in recent years, like other car insurance companies, you can get an OUTsurance quote online. But that’s nothing unexpected from a company that’s been voted one of South Africa’s most innovative car insurers for a couple of years running.

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OUTsurance Insurance Quotes

OUTsurance has five different car insurance options.

  • There is the standard Comprehensive cover (which is insurance for damage to your car caused by an accident, hail, fire, etc, and any third party damages)
  • Limited car insurance (which excludes cover when your car is damaged in an accident, but includes cover for damage caused by natural disasters, and theft/hijacking and third party insurance)
  • Third party only insurance covers only the damage you cause to third party cars/properties/persons.

The other two products are called Essential and Safe Driver.

  • Essential Insurance offers cheap OUTsurance quotes. It is suitable for used cars older than five years, valued at less than R50,000, and not under finance. This is a great option for anyone looking for cheap car insurance.
  • Safe Driver is an innovative product that incentivise you for driving safely. Safe Driver also comes as comprehensive cover, but suitable for drivers who drive less than the average 15,000km/year, and are mindful of their driving habits. But you might ask how OUTsurance will know if you drive good or not? Well, with this option comes Tracker Skytrax, which details all your driving habits so that you may ultimately benefit with reduced premiums month on month (depending on your driving).

OUTsurance’s OutBonus was one of the first to incentivise policyholders for not claiming. The company has paid out billions of rands over the years in OutBonus cash backs, and made an outstanding contribution in moving the car insurance business in South Africa in a better, more consumer-focused direction. The OutBonus is available after 3 claim-free years.

OUTsurance are so confident that they will be able to beat your current insurance premium that they are offering R400 if they can’t improve it! That’s quite an offer, almost makes you want to reach for your phone…

OUTsurance was one of the first in the car insurance business to launch a dedicated mobile application. Today, the OUTsurance Android and iOS apps play a valuable function to communicate between clients and the company. You, as an OUTsurance client get the convenience of accessing and updating your policy details and can get offers from OUTsurance and their partners. You can also get an OUTsurance quote when you consider insuring your next car. All this plays an important part in delivering a world-class service.

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