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While many of the car insurance companies in South Africa have gone the route of no middleman, the single biggest short-term insurer has stuck by its broker model. Santam Car Insurance is by far the number 1 public insurance in the country. With it’s strong links to Sanlam, Santam’s many insurance products can compliment your other insurance policies very well.

Short term insurance is a necessity

In this year’s 2017 South African Customer Satisfaction Index (SAcsi), Santam came out as the top dog, reinforcing their reputation as South Africa’s most trusted insurer. They scored a massive 81.3, the only short term insurer to score over 80. The survey sampled 2939 randomly selected customers as the base for the results.

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Many of the other insurers works with put a great significance on saving you money on your monthly premiums whenever you request car insurance quotes. This is very true, but Santam has managed to drive down its premiums for insurance buyers even though it still uses a tried and trusted broker network – the middleman. Santam car insurance quotes are compatible with the South African market, so you’re getting a good deal whenever you request an online quote.

With Santam, you can choose from a wide range of motor vehicle insurance options, which may be for your bike or 4×4/bakkie even. However, all these are encompassed into three main insurance categories. These are Comprehensive insurance, Third Party, Theft/Hijacking, and Fire insurance, and Third Party only insurance (sometimes called liability insurance).

Additional services that Santam includes as part of your policy are things like trauma treatment, emergency accommodation, and paying your medical expenses. These are subject to the terms and conditions of your individual policy however, so its wise to understand these thoroughly.

You buy motor vehicle insurance because you want to avoid the painful financial costs of a later stage – a stage that may come at a time where you’re in a corner. It would be great if someone – a professional – could advise you on a way forward. This is where Santam’s many insurance brokers come in. You can process your claim with them or online, and have the peace of mind that everything regarding your claim will be taken care of. Santam has goes even further to assist you. When you do damage your vehicle, and need emergency assistance, you can drive the car to the nearest Santam Drive-In Centre. These service centres, which are located all over the country, can assess the extent of damage caused to your vehicle, and do the necessary repair work, or they can refer you to an external body repair shop.

Another big part of what makes Santam a great car insurer is their ability to manage your car insurance risk so that you don’t find yourself under-insured. This happens when your insurance cover cannot fully cover you to the right extend on the event that you need to claim.

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