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While watching TV today, I saw an advert for Prime Meridian Direct car insurance quotes where it calls to attention all South African motorists and informs us that we have around 6.5 million cars on our roads and that there are roughly 1 million car accidents each year! These are shocking and awful statistics, probably some of the worst on the planet. This means that 1 out of every 6.5 cars is involved in an accident of some kind. Crazy. Yes, that’s 4000 accidents every day during the working week. What’s more frightening is that only 30% of South African motorists have car insurance, which also means that 70% don’t!

If you have a car, you owe it to your self to be insured properly. The numbers from Prime Meridian Car Insurance indicate that it’s not a question of “if” you will have a motor car accident, but when. Get car insurance now from the form below.

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Prime Meridian Motor Cover Insurance has four simple CoverGrow plans that you could afford. The monthly installments are R500, R1000, R2000 and R4000 and this premium contributes towards the Growing Benefit Amount or GBA. Also, these premiums Never Increase!

CoverGrow is not a comprehensive insurance plan – think of it as a savings plan that accumulates more cover each month you pay your premium – BUT with the benefit of Third Party Cover up to R500,000. The longer you pay your monthly premiums – the larger your GBA gets. The GBA works on a sliding scale to the point where your accumulated amount equals that of the Trade Value of the car.

Your vehicle is covered for the following:
Car Accident – Theft – Hijacking – Natural Fire – Natur al Disaster

Your vehicle will only be covered up to the Trade Value – not the Retail or Market value – which is the lowest amount that your car is worth. This would be the amount that a car dealer would typically offer you if you were to trade your car in for another at a dealership.

The important clauses that you should be aware of:
You are not covered for damage arising from a parking lot.
You are not covered for a fire arising from inside your car.
You are not covered if driving on private land or a non-public road.
You are not covered if a non-nominated driver is driving or in possession of your car.

These exclusions are really nothing out of the ordinary – and you will find that these plans are really very well priced.

Just so you know, we don’t have any thing to do with Prime Meridian Direct, but feel free to call. If you SMS the words THRIFT to 43813 you can get a call back from Prime Meridian Direct. Looks like Prime Meridian are one of the more budget conscious car insurance companies out there.

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