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Hippo Car Insurance boomed into South Africa’s television screens with commercials of a dancing hippopotamus that has since become one of South Africa’s most recognisable mascots. As to why a hippo was chosen for this, we may never know, but what we do know is that this car insurance company is one of the best. Click, compare, get a quote is what Hippo car insurance quotes are all about. It’s just that easy.

Hippo offer a range of car insurance products, including all of the ones from our partners here at These include Budget Insurance, Dial Direct, and First For Woman Insurance, just to name a few. The Hippo is basically just like our form that you fill out. However, while we provide you with up to nine different motor vehicle insurance quotes, the Hippo is generates quotes for other types of insurance. We’d rather have you focus on the car insurance needs you need.

With motor vehicle insurance, comparing apples with apples is a difficult thing to do. Some car insurance companies might want to cheat you for a quick buck, but with Hippo car insurance quotes, you can get away from that! You save on your monthly premiums by being with the Hippo. Save on average R329 worth on your insurance premiums, each and every month by comparing the list of car insurance companies in South Africa.

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Various types of car insurance exist, and just like CompareCarInsurance, the Hippo has them covered. Consider the following options – (1) comprehensive car insurance, which covers you and third parties on the event of any road accident, damage that you incur on your vehicle because of another road user, and claims against theft, fire, and hiking or if your car is lost. (2) Third party, fire, and theft cover. This allows you to claim should you or a person registered as a frequent driver of your car hits another car and/or the damages therefore because of death or injury of any third parties. (3) Third party only insurance is the last of the most common forms of policies offered by car insurance companies in South Africa, and you will get this option also with your Hippo car insurance quotes. Basically, third party cover is the cheapest alternative, where you are covered only for the damage that you do on another car. You are however, not insured against the theft or disappearance of your motor vehicle.

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