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Last Updated: 27 July 2018

Welcome to Compare Car Insurance, where we strive to make it easy for you to compare car insurance quotes online. This single website and a form that takes one to two minutes to fill is all you need to get quotes from a multitude of insurers.

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Compare Car Insurance Quotes Online

Just like us, you’ve probably picked up the phone and contacted a couple of car insurance companies to quote you and then compare them. Quite often many of them don’t even offer you the best deal or even follow up on your request. We’re here to change that. With, you have the convenience of sitting behind your computer or grabbing your handheld device, filling out our 3-step form and get different car insurance quotes just like that.

If you have the time to do the kind of manual car insurance quote comparison of the past, then that’s great, but for those of us who would like to get a single phone call and compare car insurance from multiple insurers, then this websites is for you!

Our insurers don’t just use a one-size fits all criteria, so you can be sure that whatever car insurance products are communicated and offered to you will be tailored for your needs. For example, there’s no need for you to end up buying comprehensive car insurance when all that you need is a simple third party insurance policy. And those added extras – you might not need them the way they are marketed, but may need them in your own way.

Take control of your car insurance, and complete the form above now.

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