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Most people are familiar with the Old Mutual Group for its retirement and pension funds, unit trusts and so on – that’s long-term insurance. But Old Mutual, through its own brand and subsidiaries, and brokers plus other partners, is a big short-term insurer. Old Mutual Car Insurance is one of the short-term insurance solutions that this diverse financial services firm offers. Most recently in a huge company restructuring, the Mutual & Federal brand has been incorporated into the newly formed “Old Mutual Insure”.

Old Mutual Car Insurance offers three basic insurance options. These three – Comprehensive car insurance, Pay As You Drive InsuranceThird Party, Theft, and Fire insurance, and Third Party (only) insurance – are all common among the great majority of South Africa’s car insurance companies.

In effect, Old Mutual sets itself apart from the rather crowded environment by leveraging the expertise of its other product offerings, including risk management so that you have the best possible motor vehicle cover. With all four of these options, liability insurance comes as standard. This (liability or third party) insurance means that should you be in a car accident that results in the damage of another motor vehicle, Old Mutual Car Insurance will pay up.

The other party will receive the necessary amounts to repair, fix or replace his or her car or property. Your liability need not only be the replacement of the third party’s vehicle for example, but also any legal undertakings he might raise against you.

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Paying your legal costs is just one way that Old Mutual seeks to benefit you. Other benefits are listed below –

  1. Car hire
  2. Credit shortfall
  3. 24/7 medical and emergency assistance
  4. 365 roadside assistance

Old Mutual car insurance doesn’t stop at passenger cars only. They offer cover for caravans, boats, motorbikes, and the valuables that may be inside these vehicles (and the latter can be taken as a separate policy). 4X4 Insurance cover for example, is a specialist type of insurance that Old Mutual only only on a comprehensive insurance policy.

Old Mutual is independent of the providers of our car insurance quotes that you will receive after you fill out our form, but it’s great alternative to know about. Car insurance is a numbers’ game and the lower your premiums the better, and this is achieved by diversifying your options.

The car insurance company has headquarters at Mutual Park in Cape Town and has a major office in Johannesburg, while the entire Old Mutual group is managed from London.

Old Mutual Pay As You Drive Insurance is called UBI

In response to Covid19 reshaping the way South Africans are forced to work from home, (in fact this is a global trend) Old Mutual have come up with a Pay As You Drive option or work from home car insurance called UBI.

Old Mutual have come up with a bright solution for the Pay As You Drive insurance offering and have used tools that we all use as a part of our daily routine.  They have married WhatsApp and their own unique back-office administration systems that power a chatbot called UBI.  UBI stands for Usage Based Insurance and the idea is that once a month you are required to take a photo of your odometer and send this through to UBI via WhatsApp.  Isn’t this a truly brilliant and user friendly way of combining technology with simplicity !?  I’m a fan of this and I think you should be too, it really doesn’t get easier than this.  Of course if you forget to submit your odometer readings, then you will be insured on the regular premiums until such a time that you remember to provide the current kilometers traveled for the month.  Well done Old Mutual and power to UBI.


Old Mutual Car Insurance Contact Details

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