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Volkswagen Polo Insurance Quotes

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The VW Polo Is Looking More Grown-up Than Before

Last Updated: 09 October 2018

The Polo has been a top seller for VW over the years and is easily one of their most popular cars. This is evident in the 6 generations of Polos produced since its inception. The latest generation has solidified it's position as a fan favourite with a fresh look that still captures the essence of the Polo. If you'd like VW Polo insurance quotes, fill out your details here.


The latest generation is looking more like a small Golf with standout design choices, such as sharp creases, that show you this is in fact a Polo. This new design gives the car greater visual presence than the previous generation. In addition, the xenon headlights found on the predecessor have been replaced with LED headlights giving the Polo an almost poker-faced look.

The interior has been spiced up a great deal. Gone is the dark bland dashboard, which has been replaced by a brighter, more colourful and modern one. Everything feels solidly built and VW have been meticulous with the fitting and finish. The Polo is impressively spacious for a supermini. If you're 182cm or shorter you'll have plenty of head and leg room to make you comfortable.


The Polo is unusually quiet and calm on the road, especially for a supermini such as itself. In stereotypical German fashion, VW has engineered the Polo to drive with predicatability, a drive that is easy and pleasant. It's the kind of drive that won't linger in your memory, which is both a compliment and a criticism.


The Polo is an exceptional car that is well rounded, grown-up and refined. It's been built with a purpose and sets forth to fulfill it every time you get behind the wheel.

VW Polo Insurance

The Polo is one of the most expensive cars in the supermini segment. Despite this, replacement parts are far cheaper than most of it's competitors. We can help you get an insurance quote for your VW Polo.

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