Dial Direct Adds Telematics To Their Car Insurance Packages

Dial Direct has added telematics as an option for those who wish to pay cheaper car insurance premiums. If this is the first time you’ve heard of telematics, it’s simply software that tracks your driving habits such as acceleration, cornering and braking just to name a few. The purpose of it is for your car insurance company to see how safe you drive and the safer you drive, the cheaper your insurance will be.

In Dial Direct’s case, they track the following:

  • acceleration
  • braking
  • night-time driving (less visibility means a higher risk)
  • speeding
  • the route you take
  • distance travelled
  • cellphone use

Warwick Scott-Rodger, the executive head of Dial Direct, says: “With our app, consumers have the opportunity to participate in their risk management and tangibly determine what they pay for insurance.”

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