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BMW Insurance in South Africa

Last Updated: 09 October 2018

South Africans have a long and interesting relationship with BMW's starting from the late 1970s all the way to present time in 2018. We have enjoyed the meoteoric rise of the BMW brand competing with the other german automakers but with probably remember the significant (and influential) update to the E36 3-Series models.  Specifically the top selling BMW 320 and the more racey BMW 325(is) will be remembered fondly and many are still in daily use, some 20+ years later.

Currently South Africa has just produced the last 3 Series at it's factory in Rosslyn, Johannesburg – with car number 1,191,604 being the last to roll of the production line.  That's nearly 1.2 million BMW 3 Series produced in 35 years, quite an achievement! The same production line is tooling up to produce the new BMW X3 from April 2018 which will be sold internationally.

The BMW X5 had its South African debut in 2001 and was an instant success with those who enjoyed the practical nature of the "go anywhere" SUV. Whilst the X5 did not achieve much success as a true off road vehicle, it certainly is a great long distance cruiser and can take on most farm roads and game viewing activities with flair. And for those who like the idea of an all wheel drive but don't need the space, the more compact and frugal BMW X1 fills in the gap and offers both petrol and diesel variants in the sDrive package.

Other notable models are the elegant BMW 5 series and luxurious BMW 7 series.  And just incase you needed more choice here – BMW did away with the 3-series coupe and came up with the BMW 4 series which is only available in a 2 door layout. That's an astounding number of models and variants – no wonder BMW is one of South Africas top selling manufacturers.

You can get an insurance quote for your BMW here.

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