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Audi Q3 Insurance Quotes

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Audi Q3 Positions Itself As A Lifestyle Vehicle

Last Updated: 09 October 2018

The Q3 is aimed as a lifestyle and sports vehicle. This is in contrast to its siblings, the Q5 and Q7, which are positioned as practical family vehicles with off-road performance. This isn't to say that the off-road capabilities of the Q3 are bad, it's simply made for a different purpose in mind and it does a great job at fulfilling that purpose. If you're after insurance quotes for your Audi Q3, fill your details out on the form above.

Design & Features

The Q3 follows Audi's crossover design specifications. It's smaller than their other crossovers and looks somewhat heavyset, but its attractive design means it'll still look good years from now. The Q3 is meant for someone who will appreciate its quietly handsome aesthetic because it's so smart and discreet.

Despite its smaller crossover size, it's still surprisingly large and so you'll have to navigate carefully through tighter streets. The interior is slick and classy. Common areas you'd touch are covered in soft-touch materials and despite the conservative design, the quality of the Q3's cabin beats Mercedes' and BMW's offerings in the same segment.

A rearview camera, airbags, front & rear parking sensors and blind-spot monitors come standard in the Q3.


Seat height feels very much like any SUV, but the car is small enough to pass as a tall hatch. The Q3 accomplishes what Audi set out for it, which is that of a lifestyle vehicle, giving you a satisfying feeling of style and comfort.

Audi Q3 Insurance

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