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Jeep - America's Automotive Icon

Last Updated: 09 October 2018

With its origins firmly rooted in American culture, Jeep went from being a slang word for new army recruits or vehicles, to a brand that has made a name for itself as an offroad automotive manufacturer. The brand began as a World War 2 military vehicle and now sells in excess of 1 million vehicles per year. If you're looking for Jeep insurance, fill out the form above.

Jeep Wrangler

The Wrangler has been in production since 1986, which was the replacement for the World War 2 vehicle. It still has the same folding style windshield that was used during the war, despite its very limited use. You only need to remove four bolts as opposed to the previous gen's 30. The pop-off doors are lighter and a spring-loaded mechanism makes flopping the roof open a one-person job.

As for the drive, the clutch is light and the new 8-speed automatic gearbox is a huge improvement over the previous gen 5-speed manual. All-in-all the Wrangler is a Jeep icon and is as central to the brand's identity as the 911 is to Porsche.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Grand Cherokee is Jeep's largest and most expensive model. It's somewhat of a Swiss Army Knife in the SUV segment. With its hushed noise levels, offraod capabilities and luxurious interior, the Grand Cherokee is a versatile and well-rounded vehicle.

The interior stands out as upscale, even when compared to the likes of the GLE-Class or Cayenne. The more expensive models have real wood on the steering wheel, doors and dash that beg to be touched.

Jeep Renegade

The Renegade is Jeep's smallest model on offer. With its upright lines, seven slot grille and round headlights, the Renegade is a tactile symbol of the Jeep Logo. It's a perfect first option for those wanting a taste of the 4x4 potential Jeep has to offer.

The base model of the facelift now comes with a 5.0-inch touchscreen with voice control and Bluetooth connectivity, with the option to upgrade to a 7.0-inch touchscreen system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto which is standard in the premium trim models.

Jeep Compass

The Jeep Compass is well built and provides plenty of room inside. The Trailhawk model is the best option to go for if you want the ultimate offroad experience on a lower budget. Its four underbody sill plates protect the bottom of the Compass from any serious rock damage when having fun offroad.

The Compass has a fair amount of space, as is needed for a family SUV. You'll fit adults in the backseat with little problem. Just don't expect to stretch your legs out.

Jeep Cherokee

The Cherokee's external design veers susbstantially away from Jeep's traditional design. Most Jeep enthusiasts will disagree with the design choice, but it's good to see Jeep stepping outside of its proverbial design box. The Cherokee has the similar offroad potential to the rest of the Jeep lineup apart from the Sport which is designed purely for road driving.

Safety wise, all Cherokees come standard with a full complement of airbags, stability control, and a rear camera. You'll find autonomous braking and forward collision alert on the more expensive variants.

Jeep Insurance

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