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Ford is an icon in the automotive world

Last updated: 10 July 2020

Ford is known across the globe and finally became a permanent presence in South Africa during 1994 when it bought Samcor, which it had previously had shares in until it sold them during the international condemnation of Apartheid. It was later branded as part of Ford Motor Company. If you're looking for Ford insurance, fill out the form above.

Ford Focus ST

The Ford Focus ST was an immediate hit among hatchback fans, with it's sporty look and performance to go with it. The Focus ST is the perfect every day car for those that enjoy a front-wheel drive with a bit of punch.

If there's a handbook for building the perfect hot-hatch interior, Ford has certainly followed it to the T. You cannot help but be impressed by the quality and solidity of the cabin architecture.

Ford Focus RS

The Focus RS is the Focus ST's bigger brother. With it's all-wheel drive, firmer suspension and its 2.3 litre turbocharged engine the RS is a beast of a hatchback. It's a bit of a thirsty one, which takes it out of being an everyday car to being a great weekend one.

The RS is coming to the end of its production life this year (2018) and will see only 1000 sold in the US and 500 in Canada. None will be sold in South Africa as far as we've been able to find out.

Ford Fiesta ST

The Fiesta ST is a capable everyday car, which is both agile and entertaining to drive. It's competent, flexible and arguably the default choice for the hot hatch segment. With Ford only having two sport badge models to work with, they've done a fine job of the Fiesta ST.

The steering response is more precise than previous generation ST's and has phenomenal grip around corners. Turn off the stability control and the ST becomes a barrel of fun.

Ford Ecosport

The Ecosport is Ford's entrant to the small crossover/SUV segment. It's by no means a dazzler. It's essentially a big Fiesta, but it does exactly what it was built There's nothing overly exciting about the Ecosport and perhaps this is because Ford was targeting the female demographic.

The interior is well designed with clearly marked climate controls, great dashboard material choices and things such as USB ports easily accessible.

Ford Ranger

Driving around the city in a Ford Ranger gives a feeling of reasurrance in it's steadiness and capability. The Ranger is one of the more refined bakkies in its segment and boasts a 2.2 litre diesel engine with enough power to haul 1081kg in its load bay and another 3500kg in tow.

The latest facelift sees an entirely new front end with the headlamps, grille, and bumper redesigned to give it a more upmarket look. The changes look similar to the of the Ford Everest.

Ford Everest

The rugged looking Everest is a solidly built lifestyle double-cab introduced by Ford in an attempt to unsettle the Fortuner dominated market. It excels in off-road adventures and does well as a suburban vehicle.

The turbo on the diesel is well ahead of the competition. I'm not sure what the Ford engineers did to accomplish such low turbo lag, but it's far beyond what the likes of VW and Toyota have managed to achieve.

Ford Figo

The foundation of the Figo were based on that of the Fiesta and the Aston Martin inspired grill brings a fresh look to the Ford lineup. That said, the Figo is not as well equipped with features like the other Ford models, placing the Figo in the budget B-segment.

Despite this, the performance is better than that of its competitors, offering a welcome 82kW of power and a fuel consumption of only 5.9 litres per 100km.

Ford Kuga

Despite the fire saga surrounding the intial introduction of the Kuga, the reintroduced Kuga has seen some traction after having had a software and hardware overhaul. Its suspension is a little firm for an SUV, but it does a phenomenal job of soaking up bumps. The new Kuga is definitely a huge improvement over the initial generation.

Kit levels are much better than before, with all model variants receiving 17" rims, twin exhaust system, DAB radio, USB and Aux inputs, keyless start and cruise control.

Ford Insurance

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