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Audi R8 Rws Insurance Quotes

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Audi's Latest Generation R8 RWS is everything you'd want

Last Updated: 09 October 2018

Audi have taken a step back and reevaluated their direction with the R8. They're taking a more focused approach and have stripped the specification down. The R8 RWS comes with a less powerful version of the non-turbo 5.2 litre V10, but don't let this fool you into thinking it's any less of a hell-raiser.

Its engine cranks out a massive 397kW, and with 540Nm of torque the R8 RWS does 0-100km/h in 3.7 seconds. That's 0.3 seconds slower than the stock standard R8 and while it's no record breaker in the supercar class, it's quick none-the-less. If you're looking for cheaper Audi R8 insurance, fill your details in the form above.

The Drive

Audi have ditched their well known quattro four-wheel drive and opted for rear-wheel drive, hence the RWS (rear wheel series), making the R8 40-50kg lighter. In turn, this has given the steering a better feel because the front wheels now only have to deal with steering.

As a driver, you won't have the ability to choose between a comfortable or more sporty suspension mode like you can in the previous generations. This forms part of Audi's 'focused' approach with the R8 RWS, which is a change in direction to their long standing philosophy of luxury and security.

Those of you who enjoy shifting gears will be disappointed to know the RWS comes standard with a S tronic 7-speed automatic transmission only, no manual option for you gearheads out there.

The suspension is very similar to what you'll find on their four-wheel drive vehicles. Magnetic dampers have been taken off the menu though and early testing at the Nürburgring revealed the R8 RWS had a tendency to oversteer at high speeds and so Audi made some tweaks. This included slightly increased negative camber in the rear and stiffening up the front anti-roll bar.

The Interior

The RWS shares the standard R8 trim with some fancy additions. It comes with leather- and Alcantara-covered sports seats which you have the option of replacing with bucket seats. The RWS has had a generous treatment of black and Express Red Nappa leather on various parts of the interior tied together with dark silver stitching.

Each R8 RWS receives its own exclusive numbered emblem ("# of 999") on the dashboard signifying its legitimacy as a limited edition model. In addition to that, the center console, dashboard and air vents have gloss carbon inlays. Audi have done a phenomenal job on the attention to detail in the RWS' interior.


The R8 RWS is the fun, wild sibling of the R8s. It's willingly irresponsible when you want it to be, but you'll have no problem controlling its desire to slide. If you're brave (and skilled) enough, you can turn off the skid-control for that extra level of fun. Audi have created a supercar with personality that the other R8s lack. If you're looking to buy an R8 we'd recommend the RWS over all others.

Audi R8 Insurance

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