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Audi A1 Insurance Quotes

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The Audi A1 Sums Up Style And Refinement

Last Updated: 09 October 2018

The Audi A1 is in the same class as the Mini and DS 3, which means the focus is on a premium cabin including heaps of options and trim combos. There are 3 door and 5 door options with the latter being the Sportback. To be a true premium car though, the A1 must feel like one and drive like one in addition to looking the part. If you're looking for Audi A1 insurance, fill out the form above.


The A1 feels solid on the road and does unsurprisingly well in the handling department. There are three levels of suspension with the subtle standard one being the best choice because it's the smoothest option and trades little in steering sharpness. The other two options are noticeably firmer than a regular supermini, especially when compared to the Polo. It's a fair touch better than other Audis though.


Audi is known for its materials quality and that quality in the A1 makes it a class leader. The result is that it feels like a bigger Audi. The cabin generates an upmarket impression when sitting in the driver's seat. The cabin layout is cleaner than that of larger Audis and it would little surprise to see many elements filtered up the Audi range in future.

The front seats offer plenty of legroom, but if you're buying the 3 door option expect little room in the back for legs and heads. The boot is adequate, but becomes cramped if you choose the optional extra Bose stereo with its subwoofer.


The A1 is far from cheap and this is because the equipment list is fairly long. What makes the A1 truly exceptional is the drive. It overturns all expectations in that it's fun, capable and drives quickly without feeling like it's struggling.

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