OUTsurance Car Insurance Quotes in South Africa

Funny TV commercials that air during the day. Purple and green colours that vibrate wherever they advertise. The pioneers of the cash back bonus in South Africa. If you guessed we where talking about OUTsurance Car Insurance, then you would be right. From its humble beginnings in February 1998 to the behemoth that it is today, OUTsurance has had many innovations, and set an example for some of the car insurance companies we provide you quotes from. Here’s a little more about OUTsurance’s products.

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OUTsurance says once you’re covered with their comprehensive car insurance, you will never look back. That maybe true, and here’s why: OUTsurance’s comprehensive car insurance includes a standard cover for accidental damage that you or someone else causes to your car. Also, standard with OUTsurance motor vehicle insurance is cover for damage caused by natural disasters like hail and floods (which are becoming an increasing problem in South Africa). You also get insurance for damage you might cause on someone else’s car or other property, and including his or her self. The comprehensive cover includes hijack/stolen car insurance.

Like other car insurers, OUTsurance is aware of its clients’ budget constraints, thus it also offers hijacking/theft, and third party only cover. These options are available on request and affect the ultimate level of your car insurance premiums. And speaking of premiums, OUTsurance has been running a special programme over the past year, where you can get up to R400 in your pocket if you can get a quote from a competitor that can beat OUTsurance car insurance quotes. This is a great incentive, which further positions OUTsurance ahead of less innovative car insurance companies.

OUTsurance is known for their outstanding cash back plan which is called the OutBonus. The tag line, “You always get something OUT” is one of the most brilliant ever conjured up in South Africa. Fewer slogans are as descriptive of a company that can and does deliver on its promises. The OutBonus is one of those promises. After 3 consecutive claim free years, OUTsurance pays out to your 10% of your motor vehicle insurance premiums back. This encourages safer driving, and better financial admin of your car. The OutBonus has been the most successful cash back plan in South Africa.

Today, OUTsurance offers cover for your motorcycle, watercraft, bakkie and other motor vehicle insurance. All of which come with the incredible benefits that make this insurer one of the biggest in the game.

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Tel:08 600 60 000