Would You Renew Your Vehicle License Through FNB?

Midway through last year FNB Car Insurance disrupted the industry when it added a service allowing its customers to renew their vehicle license via Car Nav through their online banking or FNB app.

There has been mixed reactions to the new service. While it has been hailed as a revolutionary step in the right direction, many have been turned off by the additional cost of R199, on top of the license renewal fee.

How Do I Renew My Car License Through FNB?

You’ll need to be an FNB customer because this is all done through FNB’s online banking or via the FNB app.

  1. Log into your FNB online banking and link Car Nav to an existing banking profile
  2. Register your car by scanning the barcode on your car’s license disk (You can manually add your vehicle if you can’t scan the barcode)
  3. Choose the account you want to pay from

And voilà! You’re done. Within ten or so days you’ll receive your new license disk.

Pros and Cons


  • Convenience – You can complete the entire process from the comfort of your home within 5 minutes.
  • No paperwork – Finding and filling out the right form and making sure you have proof of address etc can be a chore. Doing it through FNB means you don’t have to worry about paperwork because FNB has everything on record.


  • Time – You could spend anywhere from 30 minutes to a an hour or two in a queue trying to renew your car’s license. However, once you have it, the whole process is over. Doing it through FNB means you have to wait for the disk to be delivered which can take roughly 10 days.
  • Price – FNB charges R199 for the service, which for many South Africans is an unreasonably high cost considering your average license disk renewal is in the region of R450.

In addition to being able to renew your vehicle’s license disk, you can opt for the Nav Car On-road Protect bundle for R95 per month. The bundle service offers license disk renewal with free delivery for up to five vehicles, fine discounts negotiated on your behalf, Road Accident Fund claim assistance, and 24/7 roadblock specific Bail Assistance.